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7/22/2011 6:13:18 PM
I need to remove this toolbar. its making my computer soo slow!-.-" please help and btw i use google chrome
Mega User
7/24/2011 2:35:59 PM

You installed one (out of 200K) of the community toolbars powered by Conduit. You can see some of the companies who already have a community toolbar here:

Why not continue and enjoy a useful and efficient tool? In addition to all the benefits it brings you, it is free!

If you still want to remove the toolbar, here are the steps you must follow in Chrome:

1. Open Chrome and go to 'Settings'  Tools  Extensions
2. Find the name of your toolbar
3. Click on Uninstall

To remove the browser default search engine:
1. Click here chrome://settings/searchEngines or copy it to the Chrome's URL bar
2. Move your mouse cursor over the search engines and click X to remove or 'Make Default' to set the desired engine

To change the homepage:
1. Click here chrome://settings/browser or copy it to the Chrome's URL bar
2. Under 'Home Page' section, set your page

Hope to hear from you again soon.
Publisher Success Specialist