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remove from Explorer address box
2/26/2010 10:56:59 PM
It used to be when I typed in a word like "socks" in the address bar of Explorer it automatically took me to Google search results for that word.

Now it takes me to

which is NOT Google.  I hate it this!

How do I remove this virus or cookie or whatever got into my computer.  I tried deleting all cookies and that didn't work. 

I want things back the way it was.  Help.
Mega User
Re: remove from Explorer address box
2/27/2010 7:58:40 PM
banit - while visiting a website you opted to install a toolbar powered by Conduit.  I'm not sure what website you visited as Conduit powers over 200,000 community toolbars.  But  I can assure you that this is not a virus, and your computer is safe. 

when you installed the toolbar, at some point you checked a box that allowed the search to be delivered via the toolbar.  It still is powered by Google.

regardless, i'd like to help you restore the system the way you want it. 
If you still have the toolbar installed on your machine, you can follow the following quick steps to remove it.

if you need further help, or if you'd like someone to call you to help you walk through the process, please send me a PM with your information and i will have someone call you.

Mega User
Re: remove from Explorer address box
2/27/2010 12:51:33 AM
OK its not a virus or a cookie for starters.

When you installed a toolbar, you would have clicked the tick box that said "make this toolbar my search page"

All you need to do is open your browser - go to TOOLS > OPTIONS > MAIN

Then type in or where it says hompage

Then Click OK

This should set your homepage back to google.
Re: remove from Explorer address box
2/27/2010 12:11:37 PM
Conduit was not set as my homepage but I changed it to google as you suggested.  It didn't help.  It makes my home page google.  But when I tyupe in a word like socks in my Explorer address bar, instead of responding with google search result for "socks
it takes me to with search results.  It takes me to