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Power User
MYSEARCHTERM to NOT be required
11/28/2007 3:59:19 PM
[quote]I created another toolbar for a different site of mine and it automatically found my search for my forums and it works perfectly in that toolbar but I created my original toolbar before that feature was added so I can't add my forum search to the first toolbar because it requires the term MYSEARCHTERM in the field in order to save it....even though it says "should be in the field" like it is teasing you to the idea that it doesn't have to be.

My forums search doesn't change the url when it searches so the original url to get to the search is also the url you see after you search thus the MYSEARCHTERM is completely irrelevant. [/quote]

I never updated this so sorry about that but I realized the solution a few years ago...probably a week after making this thread. I only came back after the latest reply reminded me of this thread.

MYSEARCHTERM is required since Conduit needs something to reference in the URL in order to know where to put the search terms so yea I was wrong about that.

It all depends one what CMS/Forum you use on where that should be.

In the case of phpBB you have to find the POST parameters. I've already done that for phpBB3 which are below but for everyone else the easiest way is to view the source code on your search page and find something resembling "keywords" as a parameter.

1. Fill out the basic information about your search.

2. Next click "Advanced Settings" and fill out the boxes like below.

3. in the Post Parameters you will need to put in something like
"keywords=MYSEARCHTERM&sr=topics" (without the quotes)
Your installation may be different but that is the code for phpBB3.
for another possible parameter setup : [url=]click here[/url]
Mega User
Re: MYSEARCHTERM to NOT be required
12/2/2007 4:33:11 AM
Let me clarify a bit: MYSEARCHTERM is not part of the search engine.
It is the mechanism that we use in order to discover how the search engine works so that it can be added to the toolbar.

When a search engine uses POST the MYSEARCHTERM is passed in the post parameters (not in the URL) so it is harder to see.

In order to define a POST search engine in your toolbar you need to search for MYSEARCHTERM, see the POST parameters (that include the MYSEARCHTERM), and paste those values in the search engine definition in the toolbar control panel.

The difficult part is how to discover the POST parameters (since they are not visible in the URL like GET engines).
In order to do that you'll need to use a third party application that lets you see the requests that the browser is making.
In IE you can use [url=]ieHTTPheaders[/url] and in Firefox you can use the [url=]Tamper Data[/url] extension.

If you need any help with that just contact our support with the details of your toolbar and the search engine that you want to add and they'll help you add it.
Mega User
Re: MYSEARCHTERM to NOT be required
11/30/2007 4:35:41 AM
RottNKorpse, I don't understand.
How would you be able to define the search engine in your toolbar without using MYSEARCHTERM?
You somehow need to "tell" the toolbar what parameters in the request to replace with what the use writes in the search box.
Mega User
Re: MYSEARCHTERM to NOT be required
11/29/2007 1:49:22 AM
From what I saw, that search engine is a POST search engine.
In order to define a POST search engine in your toolbar you need to add the post parameters when you define the search engine.
If you need help discovering the post parameters for that search engine just ask our support.
Power User
Re: MYSEARCHTERM to NOT be required
5/30/2010 8:27:41 PM
[quote=PF]glish, I'm French.

I do not understand how to use MYSEARCHTERM. I would like to offer members of my forum, to do research ( But I do not know how.

If someone can help me, I'm ok.
I just updated the first post with a tutorial so read that but for you your parameters are different...not sure why, maybe you have a customized version of phpBB.

Your parameters to use in the "Advanced Settings" will be.

your url setup would look something like this when you use the Conduit search
Power User
Re: MYSEARCHTERM to NOT be required
11/29/2007 2:19:33 AM
you are right it is POST and I know what I need to put but my whole point is that it MYSEARCHTERM is irrelevant in the setup of the search system.
Power User
Re: MYSEARCHTERM to NOT be required
11/28/2007 7:31:17 PM

but it doesn't matter at all what my url is unless you are assuming that I don't know what I am talking about which is pretty insulting.

I just think it should show a popup that says "MYSEARCHTERM should be 'whatever field' to save" but have another button to skip the MYSEARCHTERM in case it is irrelevant like it is with my site. It should still warn people but have a way to skip it if they know what they are doing.
Power User
Re: MYSEARCHTERM to NOT be required
11/30/2007 10:28:05 AM
I dont actually know how it works without it but it does...maybe in the field to add a new search there is more than what is instead could the input field for the search parameters be lengthened? That way I can see if there was anymore from the automatic creation that is cut off when trying to edit the function
Power User
Re: MYSEARCHTERM to NOT be required
11/28/2007 8:45:39 PM
You are very helpful but I am not requesting an alternative as I am already aware of what will work...once I publish the second toolbar you can install it to test that I am not crazy and that the search in the toolbar does in fact work with the phpbb search...I simply want to make my other toolbar work the same way.

The Community search via Google is nice for most sites but Google cant search many forums and phpbb is indeed one of the forums it can't search. Thank you very much for your suggestions but unfortunately the request I made seems to be the only's hoping that Conduit reads this thread.

As for the comment about him insulting me...I suppose I didn't clarify myself...I didn't consider him insulting me or anything else other than trying to offer help. I was simply saying that if he was asking for the url to see test the search function assuming I was mistaken that it could be consider quite insulting and in fact I'm sure you have seen many people come here and curse out people who try to help. In fact I have had it happen to quite a lot on other forums. I guess I just didn't thoroughly explain what I meant the first time and sorry to Sean if he saw my comment as a response to him "insulting me".
Power User
Re: MYSEARCHTERM to NOT be required
11/28/2007 4:33:14 PM
no I didnt use anything on the new toolbar...the system added it itself when it validated my site or whatever it said when it was creating the toolbar in the first place.